The Best Kratom Strains for Pain

THE BEST KRATOM STRAINS FOR PAIN Pain in all its forms can cause serious hindrance to anyone. In order to get rid of pain, common medications given are opiates. Although some opiate pain relievers have been proven to be a useful solution for pain, they can also cause unpleasant side effects and dependency issues. Due…
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Kratom & Alcohol: When It Works & When It Doesn’t

KRATOM AND ALCOHOL: WHEN IT WORKS & WHEN IT DOESN'T A lot of people want to know if it is safe to combine kratom with alcohol. While it is generally not advisable to combine the two, we will look at some of the areas in which kratom can help with alcohol consumption. For those who…
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The Best Thai Kratom

THE BEST THAI KRATOM Thai-Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a strong medicinal plant which is used by thousands of people all over the world. It is a typical evergreen plant in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. The leave of Kratom contains Mitragynine and several related alkaloids. The kratom was used as a…
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